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So who is behind this website?

My name is Sanna Väätänen and I live in Helsinki, Finland.

I would like to tell a little about my artistic background. Painting is and has always been a sort of passion for me. I am mostly self-thaught, but I have studied in Savonlinna High School of Art and Music for three years. It was a regular high school with the exception that we had about 10 hours of art studies per week instead of 0-2 (which is normal in Finnish High Schools).

After High School I decided not to take the artistic road and started studying computer science, because I've always been interested in computer related things (games at first, of course, and I still like playing :). I work as a software developer at the moment. I hope that in the future I could be able to give up this profession, at least in its current form and be able to use more of my artistic skills. This website is one step on my way to combining my profession and passion.

About one and a half years ago I heard about Vedic art. It has nothing to do with Indian gods or anything like that. The base of Vedic art are 17 principles that lead the artist to their well of creativity. Vedic art as such is not an art form but a set of means for finding one's own way of creating art. When I started studying Vedic art my artistic expression has changed quite dramatically.

You may contact me by e-mail at [email protected].